TRUHART.AI for Dentists


TRUHART.AI is the Business Platform for Dental & Specialist Clinics as well as for Poly Clinics & Hospitals. The Platform, has tight wrapped Marketing, Business & Clinical Workflows; using TRUHART.AI's IPR. It helps Boost Customer Life Time Value [CLTV], Enhance Patient Loyalty, Reduce Attrition, Increase Patient Footfalls, Boost Revenue & Create Practice Valuation. Being Small Businesses, Clinics find it difficult to cope with Marketing, Business & Clinical domains. Clinics can overcome these shorcomings, using our support services like Right Move & Teeth Services Programs.

Key Result Areas

Dental Workflows

Dental Workflows are Complex: Multi Visit Treatment Plans, Ambulatory Procedures, Dental Rx & Labs, Dental Records, Care Continuity and Patient Education.
The TRUHART.AI Platform helps Dentists to seamlessly navigate the In-clinic & External Processes in Real-time.

Business Workflows

Dental workflows overlap much more with business processes; because of multi treatment, ambulatory regimen & general business practices.
The TRUHART.AI Platform help the Dentists make Treatment Plans, Patient Budgets, Dental Rx & Billing; all connected, linked and originated from Dental Charts.

Marketing Workflows

Typical Dental Practices are very week in marketing. The general notion of Dentists that marketing spend generates results, is a half truth.
The TRUHART.AI Platform helps Dentists focus on their practice; while our built processess do the brunt work them. The Platform aggresively promotes Ogranic Amplifier Marketing.

Patient Processes

High Performance Dental Clinics deliver Great Customer Experience, right from appointment booking to the delivery of dental care. This is the reason for enhanced patient & doctor referrals.
The TRUHART.AI Platform helps deliver Enhanced Customer Experience at every Patient Touch Point; contrubuting to the Boosted CLTV.

Clinic Problem Areas

Life Time Value

Retaining existing patients, attracting new ones and promoting family practice program are important for a thriving dental practice. CLTV is the key matrics for Clinic Performance. 80% of Clinics have poor CLTV.
The TRUHART.AI Platform helps Clinics to reduce patient attrition & boost the patient value - loyalty, referrals & family practice.

Churn & Turnover

Patient attrition is inevitable at all Dental Clinics. Patient Attrition has a direct impact on CLTV. The Global Attrition Index for Dental Clinics is 17.6%; as against the 82% attrition rate for Dental Clinics in India.
The TRUHART.AI Platform helps Dental Clinics to substantially reduce Patient Attrition Rates and enhance the CLTV of the Clinic.

Data & Results Capture

95% of Dentists believe that Dental Record Capture is very important; while most of Dentists do not maintain Dental Records because of multiple reasons. This can indirectly impact patient retention.
The TRUHART.AI Platform helps Clinics in multiple ways to capture clinical records including the assisted data capture system.

Work Life Balance

Dentists juggle between patient care, accounting, marketing, dental labs and so on. These take a toll on the personal life, significantly limiting free time to do things they love.
The TRUHART.AI Platform helps Dentists to focus on Patinet Care, while the platform automates other necessary processes.


Free Practice Analysis
& Business Advisory

Dental Clinics are primarily Small Businesses run by Dentists. Healthcare and Care Continuity Management is time consuming; leaving very little time for Doctors to effectively manage business & marketing functions. Dental Practices inherently need systematic business & marketing efforts to sustain growth. 80% of the Dental Practices operate with less than 4 to 5 patients/day; and going over this hump neeeds organized effort. Retaining existing patients, attracting new ones and promoting family practice program are important for a thriving dental practice. CLTV is the key matrics for Clinic Performance. 80% of Clinics have poor CLTV. Typical Dental Practices, alike other small businesses, need careful business analysis, tailor made business solutions and proper external support to help them sustain & flourish.

We help, You Win

Clinic Data Gathering

Business Data Gathering and Analysis is important to explore ways to enhance patient footfalls, boost CLTV and clinic revenue. Under NDA, our Business Advisory Team collects detailed Business Data like Patient Footfalls, Referral Rates, Attrition Rates, Online Presence, Doctor Networking, Skill Quotient,... to name a few.

Data Analytics using AI

After a Quick Audit & Phone Consults; Solution Models are run using our BA Protocols using our Artificial Intelligence Stack; focus being precise idenfication of problem areas and their possible solutions.The Advisory Team determines the Probable Solutions that fit the Clinic needs and prepares the presentation for the Dental Practice.

Solutions Meeting

On Appointment, the Business Advisory Team does the Solutions Presentation to Doctors at Clinic, followed by an interactive session to understand the implications of adapting a particular solution.The Startegy Meeting Date is Setup, when the Doctors take a well considered call on the way forward.

The Options Strategy

Being the Cricial Meeting, Doctors giving quality time is essential. The Doctors will have a detailed session with the Advisory Team and if necessary with senior consultants from the TRUHART.AI Headquarters.This is a No-Obligation Service. Solutions of TRUHART.AI is just an option, if it works; otherwise alternatives are suggested.

How it works

How Business Advisory Works?

Business Metrics

Gather Detailed Clinic Data & Compute Business Metrics in consultaition with Doctors.

Solution Session

Solutions Presentation & Interactice Session with Doctors & Stakeholders at Clinic.

Strategy Design

Discussion & Finalization of Best Fit Options for the Clinic and the way forward.


Are you ready to Rain Check & Explore Solutions that Work?

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Clinic Extension Services
for Dental Practices

The Platform: TRUHART.AI is an efficient business platform for Dentists; to boost Patient Footfalls, Clinic Income & CLTV. However, to get results, Clinics need the trained staff to fully utilize the platform capabilities. Majority of the Dentists do not have the required bandwidth/time, expertise or resources. Having effective tools like the TRUHART.AI Platform becomes a dud investment over time. Challenges: Dental Practices either should spend enough time or hire Dedicated Staff to support with Marketing, Clinical, Out of Hours & Strategy. Recruiting, Managing and Getting Results from this kind of staff is an expensive and time consuming porposition. Additionally, doctor's time, energy and undeterred focus is needed to manage the processes. The Solution: The Right Move Program by TRUHART is designed to deliver Remote Support to the Dental Clinics by Dedicated, Expert Staff shared by Multiple Clinics; thus reducing the costs borne by individual clinics. Once set, the Shared, Dedicated Teams help the Dental Clinics with Marketing Support, Clinical Support, Out Of Hours Support & Strategy Support. Benefits: Right Move Services by TRUHART, results in boosted Life time Value of Patients, Increased Referrals, Improved Pre-Appointments, Enhanced Clinical Outcomes, Increased Patient Satisfaction and finally enahance the Bond between the Patient and Clinic.

'Extension Support' is the Missing Link!!!

Referral Amplification Service

Dedicated, organic marketing support is made available on demand, to the participating dental practices; with a response time of 30 mins Max.

  • Presence: Online Listing Support
  • Presence: Website Content Updates
  • Referral Amplification: Social Media
  • Referral Support: Online & Offline
  • Family Practice Program Support
  • SEO & Google Adverts

Clinical Support Service

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  • Remote Transcription of Consutations
  • Dental Record Manintenance
  • Real-time Documentation
  • Patient Education
  • Family Enrolment
  • Old Dental Record Updates
  • Remote Dental Camps

Out Of Hours Support Services

Tame your big data through robust solutions that empower data collection, storage, processing and analysis.

  • Patient Remote Support
  • Appointment Booking
  • Clinic Remote Support
  • Remote Dental Camps
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Post Procedure Followup

Strategy Support Service

Strategy Teams help Dental Practices with pro-active patient surveys regarding satisfaction levels and treatment outcomes. Clinics are given continous feedback on patient satisfaction & treatment outcomes. Strategy Team meets the Dentists on every quarter to review and plan the future action items.


  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  • Treatment Outcomes Surveys
  • Data Analytics
  • Quarterly Reviews & Action Plans

Just Focus on Patient Care
Truhart does the Rest

While You Focus on Patient Care, Truhart supports you on all four fronts: Marketing, Clinical, OOH & Strategy.

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    Referral Amplification
  • image1
    Attrition Reduction
  • image2
    OOH Patient Support
  • image3
    OOH Appointments
  • image4
    FP Onboarding
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    Lab Certification
  • image7
    Surveys & Analytics

Right Move In Action

Typical Dental Practices should be able to achive near optimal metrics, once you start using the Right Move Services by Truhart. Bottom line is Great Patient Care, and that's what the Clinic should focus on.

Referral Rate
Attrition Rate
Life Time of Patient
12 Years
Patient Life Time Value
Rs. 30,000

Prostho: Implants




Endo + Prostho




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